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Best Crossfit Gyms Greensborough area is located at our large warehouse in Bolton St off a main road. Speak with any of our expert gym coaches for an initial 2 x FREE strategy sessions and we will introduce you to our fabulous community. The range of services offered at our Gym in Greensborough is absolutely unique in our offering, which is the reason why our members continue to stay year after year. We have even been listed on the Mens Health magazine online as one of the best Crossfit gyms in Melbourne due to our high level of service offerings. Our expert coaches will provide you with tailored coaching to bring the best version of you to every class, to get you stronger, fitter and faster in all aspects of your life. Weightlifting training will operate on a weekly basis to build your strength to a level never seen before in Gyms in Greensborough. Our full list of Services can be access here

Group Fitness Training Sessions are available at Crossfit Gym Diamond Valley and our members who have joined Gyms Greensborough area have said our team of expert coaches are the best in their field.  During the Group Fitness Training sessions at our large gym, the team will take you through an initial warm up session which is a perfect way to begin the class to warm up the muscles.  Once the initial warm up is complete, you will move into the weightlifting section where you will work on your progression strength training.  Our members who have joined Gyms Greensborough area before joining the Crossfit Gym Diamond Valley, state this is the best thing about each 1hr session, you always improve your strength and become massively fitter in general!  Once this weightlifting session is complete, you will the complete your WOD (workout of the day) to finish and get your muscles pumping.  After the 1hr, you will be leaving the gym feeling healthier, happier and most importantly pumped!

Crossfit Gyms Greensborough Male Working out on Rowing Machine