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Expert Level Gym Training

These descriptions provide an overview of the typical characteristics and goals of individuals at different stages of their Crossfit journey.  It is important to remember that everyone progresses at their own pace, and Crossfit can be adapted to various fitness levels and objectives.

Experience Level

Highly experienced and dedicated to Crossfit, often training for several years or more.

Fitness Background

May have a competitive sports background and may have achieved notable accomplishments in Crossfit.


Often focused on competing in Crossfit competitions and achieving advanced fitness milestones.

training emphasis

Follows specific training programs and incorporates advanced movements and techniques.  May work on mastering skills like muscle ups, handstand walking and high level gymnastics.


Trains at a very high intensity level, combining strength, speed, and endurance in workouts.


Prioritizes recovery and may include techniques like mobility work, stretching, sleep, and nutrition.