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Intermediate Level Gym Training

Check out our Intermediate Level Gym Training program at Crossfit Diamond Valley Eltham.  Our gym in Eltham accommodates all fitness levels. 

Experience Level

May have prior athletic experience of have transitioned from other fitness disciplines.

Fitness Background

May have a basic understanding of general fitness but is new to Crossfit’s unique approach


Aims to refine Crossfit skills, increase strength and endurance, and potentially compete or participate in local Crossfit competitions.

training emphasis

Engages in a mix of strength, conditioning, and skill development.  Works on mastering more complex movements like snatches, clean and jerks and gymnastics exercises.


Enjoys the diverse range of Crossfit workouts and may follow specific training programs to target weaknesses or achieve specific fitness goals.

Community Involvement

Likely becomes more involved in the Crossfit community, participating in group classes and events.