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This membership option is ideal for individuals who have busy schedules but are committed to consistent training and want the guidance of CrossFit coaches to help them achieve their fitness objectives.  It strikes a balance between commitment and flexibility, allowing you to maintain a structured fitness routine while accommodating your weekly schedule.


This membership is limited to attending 3 CrossFit classes of your choice across the week.

Class Participation

You have the privilege of participating in up to three CrossFit classes per week.  These classes are led by certified CrossFit coaches and cover a range of workouts including strength training, conditioning and specialised weightlifting sessions.

Structured Routine

This membership offers a structured fitness routine, as you commit to attending classes on specific days.  It provides a balanced approach to fitness, ensuring you work on various aspects of strength and conditioning. 


While you commit to three weekly sessions, you often have flexibility choosing which days and times you attend classes, allowing you to fit you workouts into your schedule.

Coaching and Support

You benefit from the guidance and coaching of certified Crossfit coaches during your classes.  They assist with proper form, technique, and offer support to help you reach your fitness goals safely.

Community Involvement

You become part of the Crossfit community at the gym, connecting with fellow members who share your fitness journey goals.

Progress Tracking

Tools and tracking systems to monitor you progress and improvements in strength, endurance and overall fitness.

Membership Benefits
  • Access to all Adult programs including Weightlifting Speciality Sessions
  • Access to Gymmate our Gym management system
  • No Contracts 
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Cancellation Fee
Membership FEES

$60.00 per week ($120 per fortnight)