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Unlimited CrossFit Sessions 

An unlimited CrossFit Gym Membership is ideal for individuals who are committed to making CrossFit a central part of their fitness routine, want the freedom to train frequently, and value the expertise of CrossFit coaches in their pursuit of improved strength, endurance and overall health.


Unlimited Crossfit Gym Memberships gives you access to all Crossfit classes.  This means you can work out as often as you like, typically 4-6 days a week.

Class Participation

Full participation in all Crossfit classes offered by the gym.  This includes a wide range of classes led by certified coaches, which may vary from strength training and endurance workouts to specialised weightlifting sessions.

COaching and guidance

Access to experienced Crossfit coaches who provide instruction, guidance, and support during class.  They help ensure that your workouts are safe and effective, regardless of your fitness level.


Exposure to a diverse set of Crossfit workouts that target different muscle groups and aspects of fitness.  This variety keeps your workouts engaging and prevents plateaus.


Integration into the Crossfit community at the gym.  You’ll gave the opportunity to work out alongside and connect with fellow members who share your passion for fitness.

Personal Progress

Tools and tracking systems to monitor you progress and improvements in strength, endurance and overall fitness.

Memberships Benefits
  • Unlimited training 6 Days a week
  • Access to all Adult programs including Weightlifting Specialty Sessions
  • Access to Gymmate our Gym management system
  •  No Contracts 
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Cancellation Fee
Memberships FEES

$65.00 per week ($130 per fortnight)

Crossfit Gym Diamond Valley Group Photo