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Within Crossfit there is the capacity to compete both on a daily basis in the gym against yourself and other members.  There are also opportunities to compete in local competitions individually, in pairs and in teams.  In addition to the daily Strength and Conditioning program, Crossfit Diamond Valley programs daily strength accessories and aerobic capacity for those members looking to take their fitness to the next level.  

For athletes that have specific goals that are not being met by the weekly program, the Head Coach programs specific extras for individuals as required.  Members with additional extras complete these after class within an area specified by the coaching team on the day.

Crossfit Diamond Valley conducts the Crossfit Open within the gym every Saturday for the 3 weeks of competition.  All members are allocated a heat and time and are asked to judge another member outside of their workout time.  During the Open, the Head Coach provides all members with strategy, timing, and speaks to individuals based on their goals for the Open Season.  Our aim is to provide a space that allows you to meet your potential.