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Crossfit Diamond Valley is a close knit community that share the common goal of being fit and healthy for their lifetime. Our membership group range in age from kids 5 years + to adults in their 70s and it is this that makes it a very special place to train.  

Crossfit Diamond Valley is located at 1B, 266 Bolton St, Eltham, down the ramp at the end of the carpark.  The gym, situated in a warehouse is fully equipped with rowers, fan bikes, skis, pullup bars, rings, racks, barbells, weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls.  The gym size and fitout allows us to program a variety of workouts in different formats for a constantly varied stimulus for members.

The Crossfit gym runs both Adult programs and a Kids and Teens Program.  The adults programs are Crossfit and two specialised weightlifting sessions on a Monday and Wednesday night.  The Crossfit program focuses on strength and conditioning, whilst the weightlifting sessions focus on the two major lifts, Snatch and Clean and Jerk and the accessory exercises to these lifts. The Crossfit Kids and Teens program runs Monday to Friday at 4:15pm – 5pm and is appropriate for children aged 5 years plus.  The Kids and Teens program develops a strong foundation of fitness, improves their physical literacy, and promotes staying active in a fun environment.  

The CrossFit Sessions are one hour in duration and run as follows:
  • A Coach briefs the session – explains what they are looking for in the movement patterns and provides a demonstration of the movement, explains the intent of the workout and how that is achieved through appropriate scaling where required.
  • 2 Coaches take you through a structured warm up
  • Main part of the session commences with a strength or skill piece
  • Followed by a Conditioning piece/workout which varies daily in terms of movements, duration and style
  • Coaches Guide you through all components of the session
  • Session concludes with Coach Led cool down – stretching
  • The community brings the positivity, motivation and inspiration for you to achieve progression in your fitness.

Our CrossFit Gym in Eltham area is built around the local community with our goal to maintain strong general health and fitness. If you are looking to get fit and healthy, build muscle to ensure you maintain a great healthy lifestyle, then you have come to the right gym in the Eltham area.