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Crossfit Kids Gym memberships are an excellent way for children and teenagers to develop a strong foundation of fitness, improve their physical literacy, and have fun while staying active.  These programs promote a lifelong appreciation for exercise and healthy living, setting a positive example for young individuals as they grow and mature.

Age Groups

Crossfit Kids is suitable for children aged 5 years +, and Crossfit Teens 12 years + enabling the program to cater to the specific needs and development stages of children and teenagers.

Structured Workouts

The program provides structured workouts that are age appropriate, safe, and engaging.  These workouts focus on functional movements, bodyweight exercises, and light resistance training to promote overall fitness and athleticism.

Professional Coaching

Certified Crossfit Kids coaches lead the sessions.  They are trained to work with children and teenagers, emphasising safety, proper form, and creating a fun and supportive environment.

Skill Development

Crossfit Kids/Teens program focus on developing fundamental movement skills including running, jumping, pushing, pulling and lifting in a manner suitable for each age group.

Fitness and fun

The primary goal is to make fitness enjoyable for kids and teenagers.  Workouts are often designed as challenges the children to keep them motivated and excited about physical activity.

Safety First

Safety is a top priority in Crossfit Kids programs.  Coaches ensure that participants use appropriate equipment and technique to maintain a safe environment throughout the session.

Teamwork and Social Interaction

Crossfit Kids/Teens promotes teamwork, social interaction, and positive peer relationships.  Children and teenagers often work together on exercises and activities that encourage cooperation and communication.


Crossfit Kids/Teens is an inclusive program which accommodates children of varying fitness levels, abilities and interests.

Membership Benefits
  • Access to Gymmate our Gym Management System
  • No Contracts 
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Cancellation Fee