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Crossfit Gym Diamond Valley is a full-body, strength and conditioning program that delivers specific training solutions such as Weightlifting, Cardio, gymnastics, ab workouts (core) and a variety of other key workouts tailored to each individual.

Crossfit Diamond Valley are heavily focused on Strength and Conditioning as part of your Crossfit Gym Journey. Your coaches will work on a regular basis with you on your Strength and Conditioning Program to make you stronger and fitter.

All Crossfit Coaches will work with you on building up to your maximum weights, through conditioning on a weekly basis, focusing on particular muscle groups and strength areas.

How does it work

·       A coach will brief the session – explains what they are looking for in the movement pattern. Explains the intent of the session and how that is achieved through appropriate scaling where required.

·       2 Coaches take you through a structured warm up 

·       Main part of the session commences with a specific focus on either the Snatch or Clean and Jerk.

·       Coaches guide you through all components of the session

·       Session concludes with Coach lead cool down/stretches.

·       The community brings the positivity, motivation and inspiration for you to achieve progression in your fitness.

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