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Weightlifting Gym sessions

Crossfit Diamond Valley program two specialised Weightlifting Gym sessions a week to focus on the two major lifts, Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  These sessions provide members an opportunity to dial in there mechanics and technique on both lifts which makes them more competitive as a Crossfit athlete and gives them an opportunity if and when they are ready to enter into a local Weightlifting competition.

Crossfit Diamond Valley is a registered Weightlifting Club, we support members in their endeavors to compete in local, State and National competitions. We provide coaching on competition days in addition to training where required.  This means we will accompany you on competition day, assist you with warm up, make weight changes and coach you to meet your potential on competition day.

Implementing a strong weightlifting gym routine is super important for the expert coaching team at Crossfit Diamond Valley and we will always support you in your growth journey. When attending our Crossfit Weightlifting Gym floor area, you will have access to large range of Gym Equipment and weights to maximise your strength training. We have a wide range of bars available in both 15kg and 20kg weights that tailor to both men and women Rx weight levels.